Thursday, March 9, 2017

Trump Picks Batshit Crazy Critic of Russia as NATO Ambassador

Zaid Jilani at The Intercept writes:
President Trump has reportedly tapped as his ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) a hawkish critic of Russia who wants the U.S. to arm Ukraine...

Richard Grennell is a former Bush-era U.S. spokesperson at the United Nations who also served as a foreign policy spokesperson for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. He frequently appears on Fox News and other conservative outlets saying President Obama appeased Russia.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Obama resisted political pressure from hawks in Congress to provide lethal arms to the Ukranian government, fearing that doing so would only cause Russia to escalate its own military involvement.

Writing in The New York Times’s Room for Debate section in 2014, Grenell said that Obama’s belief that the U.S. could “support Ukraine but not antagonize Russia” represented “a na├»ve and dangerous world view.” In a Fox News op-ed, he proposed military escalation: “Offer advice and training to Ukraine, and sell it the lethal weapons required to contend with Russian armored personnel carriers, tanks and missiles,” he wrote, adding that the U.S. should also restart missile defense shield programs in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Grennell also counseled Obama to leave direct military confrontation with Russia over Ukraine “on the table.”...

Although his support for arming Ukraine stretches back years, Grenell was continuing to advocate for lethal aid for Ukraine as recently as Tuesday via his Twitter account, which he frequently uses to opine on world affairs.

Trump is just bad on most policy issues, domestic and foreign. He is frighteningly militaristic and authoritarian. No doubt libertarian Trump fanboys will continue to find stretched reasons to support him and may actually continue to claim that Trump is going to disband NATO,  but I consider him radioactive for libertarianism and I am not sure anymore that this is just a metaphorical reference.

But, hey, he's good on federal transgender bathroom regulation issues.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the mental gymnastics from Rainmondo on this one.

  2. RW scores another while Fanboys still holding 0.

  3. "...I consider him radioactive for libertarianism..."
    Why? Trump IS NOT a libertarian and never claimed to be one. The feckless Gary Johnson was the LP candidate.