Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump Declares Somalia a War Zone; US Military Actions Will Intensify

Oh yeah, Trump is going to bring U.S. troops home (in body bags).

America First, LOL.

From The New York Times:
President Trump has relaxed some of the rules for preventing civilian casualties when the American military carries out counterterrorism strikes in Somalia, laying the groundwork for an escalating campaign against Islamist militants in the Horn of Africa.

The decision, according to officials familiar with internal deliberations, gives commanders at the United States Africa Command greater latitude to carry out offensive airstrikes and raids by ground troops against militants with the Qaeda-linked Islamist group Shabab. That sets the stage for an intensified pace of combat there, while increasing the risk that American forces could kill civilians.

Mr. Trump signed a directive on Wednesday declaring parts of Somalia an “area of active hostilities,” where war-zone targeting rules will apply for at least 180 days, the officials said.


  1. Another country Americans can't point to on a map which we've been bombing since 2001.

  2. Oh yay more war! America First Baby!