Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Anti-Islamist Netherlands's Party for Freedom Candidate Has Lost in His Bid to Become Prime Minister

Geert Wilders
He had the establishment nervous but in the end, Geert Wilders could not pull it off.

Wilders has lost to the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte in his bid to gain Rutte's leadership position.

During the campaign leading up to today's election, Wilders pledged he would shut the country's borders, ban the Koran and close mosques, if he was elected.

Wilders has tweeted:

 "PVV voters thanks!

"We have won seats!

"First projection is in!

"I will keep coming after Rutte!!"

The Express reports:
The very high turnout is what experts are saying damaged Mr Wilders' chances and increased Mr Rutte's....

An updated turnout projection is 82 per cent, the highest turnout in 31 years....

 As the first full exit poll comes out it's looking like at least four parties will be needed for a majority government.

This was expected, but with Mr Wilders' PVV party being one of the three coming joint second, this could cause problems as all the other parties said they will not work with Mr Wilders.


  1. It's almost as if Erdogan was campaigning for Rutte. Hey, wait just a minute...

  2. This article gives a better take. Not an outright win but a gain for Wilders and the Freedom Party.

  3. Now the Netherlands can be overrun with third world extremists! This is desirable of course because if you oppose it you're a statist.