Monday, March 27, 2017

Terrible News for Transgenders

Laurence M. Vance reports:
I was at a museum recently where some replicas of Indian bones were on display from a nearby archeological site. I noticed an exhibit of pelvises that explained how someone’s gender can be determined by the shape of his or her pelvis. I already knew this, but was very interested in the exhibit because just that day I had read about a mother and son “transitioning” into a father and daughter. I hate to break it to you transgender folks, but if for some reason your skeleton is examined a hundred years after you are dead you will be identified as a male or a female even if you pretended to be a female or a male while you walked this earth.


  1. Good luck convincing any SJW of this because they know that ones gender is in ones heart and mind.

  2. PC bureaucracy within public and corporate sectors has quietly removed the category of "sex" from forms etc in favor of "gender". Most of this has been inch wormed into place without debate or attention. They do their best work in the dark.

  3. 1. I’ve watched all 245 episodes of the Fox TV show “Bones” for escapist entertainment. The very last show is tomorrow night. A major theme of the show is that the genius forensic geeks who solve crimes by examining skeletons have congenitally diminished social skills.

    The above observation by Mr. Vance reminded me about something that happens almost weekly on the TV show. Invariably, within 30 or 45 seconds of the team first observing the usually maggot-ridden corpse of a murder victim, one of them identifies the age, gender and race of the victim based upon aspects of the victim’s skeleton to which the others all agree. For now, the first 11 seasons are on Netflix. I wonder if these observations will soon be deemed “hate speech” and the show treated like "Song of the South". Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.

    2. I recalled that Steve Sailer was warning about the coming transsexual war on average people at least three years ago. He called it “World War T”:

    But what’s the post-gay-marriage strategy to keep the pot bubbling here in America? Sure, the gay marriage whoop-dee-doo served as a distraction from the major issues America faces (it’s not wholly coincidental that Wall Street ponied up much of the money for the campaign), but perhaps the media can double down and find an even smaller group to noisily champion. How about…transsexuals, transvestites, trans-whatevers?
    World War T!

    Indeed, I started to notice that World War T was the next domestic campaign last spring when The New York Times splashed a big story about how a “transgender” mixed martial arts fighter—“Fallon Fox, born Boyd Burton”—was being discriminated against by not being allowed to beat up women for money.

  4. Did Laurence just assume the gender of those bones? How awful. Only the original person can tell you what gender those bones are. Science can't possibly tell you the gender of those bones.