Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ron Paul Furious; Calls for Public Pat-Down of President Trump

I have never seen Ron Paul as upset as he was on today's edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

He supported no defenses, nor looked at it in blase fashion as some libertarian Trump fanboys have, of the new TSA pat-down rules.

Dr. Paul said the new TSA rules have nothing to do with safety and are strictly a new authoritarian step.

He said he would like to see a revolt by the public against the new rules. He said now that airport and airline employees will be subject to random pat-downs that he hoped they would go on strike.

He said he hoped to see businessmen revolt by holding meetings by teleconference. And he hoped the public called and phoned Congress about the new regulations.

He also said that the President and his family should go through public pat-downs.

Dr. Paul is, of course, correct. This is one more step in turning people into sheep. It is remarkable how little public outrage has occurred in the wake of news of the new pat-downs.

Has the public already turned soft when in comes to infringements on their very personal parts of life?

What will be next?

Has Trump so co-opted libertarians that they will not even object to this outrage?

Thank the heavens, we still have Ron Paul.



  1. Indeed thank god for people like Ron Paul as well as others such as Jeff Berwick, Larkin Rose and others who refuse to compromise. I think it should go farther than that; I think Pat Buchanan and his bunch should experience the statism that the Border Patrol dishes out, blue lives matter, drug warriors, alt-righters and other assorted badge lickers should experience government goon squad drug raids along with the physical, mental and financial pain that comes with them and leftists should experience the financial, physical and mental pains that come from their precious socialist medicine. Perhaps after experience the boot that they love so much they might actually rethink such positions but I doubt it.

  2. I think the reason people don't care is because of TSA precheck. Anyone who flies often enough can pay for the 'privilege' of not being molested by government agents as often. What a glorious Republic we have become... /sarc

  3. Ron Paul is the man. I agree about the others too NY-C.
    Libertarians need to be more righteously indignant towards the State and Its means.
    This is one of the best Liberty Reports Dr. Paul has done. It fired me up!

  4. I tend to agree, but not sure it's the right time ....yet. Reason being, our Country, thanks to Obastard, is full of criminals and possible terrorists. We get rid of them then we can drop the TSA's rules.

    1. You must be the most supreme optimist, or are quite delusional. Tell us more about your happy place, where "full" is WELL under 1% of population.

  5. I've been objecting and calling it conditioning since the beginning of the TSA. Like Paul says, it's the club of government. Same as it was 15 years ago. As stated in the video, the changes are a response to the TSA's own failure. That again is typical of government. It's always that we need more government and more government intrusion to fix the failures of government. Same thinking as the last many decades. Paul focuses properly on the state. He focuses on how the people aren't making a big stink about it. He is not saying the problem is Trump. In fact he says it's not the administration and will continue after Trump is gone unless the people resist the state.

  6. Regarding “airport security," here is the basic justification for all of this nonsense: "Terrorists gained access to the cockpits of commercial airliners and rammed them into buildings."

    OK, so here are two potential solutions to that problem:

    1. Secure the cockpit doors and arm the pilots. With that done, we wouldn't have to worry about hijackers gaining control of commercial aircraft ever again.

    2. WASTE a billion man hours and billions of dollars every year making people stand in line for ‘security screening’ that humiliates them, violates their rights, and has proven all but worthless in testing.

    Option one prevents a similar attack from ever happening again, violates no civil liberties, and does not create a climate of fear. No degrading searches, no naked scanning machines, no genital groping.

    Option two CANNOT stop a similar incident from happening, wastes a billion man hours and billions of dollars annually, trains people to accept a degrading "security" ritual, and continually perpetuates a climate of fear.

    Only social engineers (looking to exploit fear and erode civil liberties) think that option ‘two’ is the better choice.


  7. A week ago commenting on Rick Millers suggestion that nobody should use the roads because they are funded by coercive taxation I pointed out that he was basically urging a boycott. However, Rick and all commenters felt that boycotting the roads would be too economically painful. I pointed out that there were numerous government controlled/funded businesses that we might consider including airports and the TSA. Now Ron Paul is calling for the same thing. Unfortunately, even if every libertarian in the country joined it would amount to no more that 2% or 3% of the traveling public. If they all showed up everyday at the airports this might cause some inconvenience but would be unlikely to change anything. We live in a world where majority rules. Rather than a simple boycott we need an alternative. We need a way to motivate non-libertarians to resist the state in their own short-term self interest. Fortunately there are several business models that have shown a way to do this. The most obvious are Uber and Lyft. They found investors that enabled them to grow and obtain critical public support before the regulators could respond. Rather than Ron Pauls political activity what we need are creative entrepreneurs.