Monday, March 6, 2017

Paul Gottfried On The Alt Right

What a great discussion by two modern day intellectual giants.

This puts the alt right and the current state of the American right and libertarianism into perspective.


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  1. My takeaway is that there is NO HOPE. The bad guys have the megaphone and we remnants strum the world's smallest violin. Maybe so.
    So what's to be done? Fortunately for me, I'll be gone before the real crisis comes (barring WWIII). But for the younger, "going Galt" in SOME form seems like the only way to live free.
    Thiel's floating cities and the Free state Project only serve to focus the target (that's us) better. Rozeff's voluntarism sounds a little bit better as the remnant is more diffused and harder to target. But it's kind of pointless when they're confiscating 95% of your income and listening to your every word.
    My solution is to go "gypsy", I guess. Living on boats, campers, etc. staying mobile. Survive by smuggling, casual labor, whatever pays in cash or in kind.
    Hopefully the "Powers that Be" will be content to stop the GROWTH of their oppression before it is total, thanks to a compliant citizenry.
    I invite comments, please.