Friday, March 31, 2017

NEW TREND Dissing State Department Employees

There is nothing to cheer about in the bellicose foreign policy style of the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson but the disrespect he shows toward most State Department employees is fun to observe.

The Hill reports:
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has remained relatively removed from President Trump's administration and his own department, a new report by The Washington Post says, adding that many diplomats have yet to meet him and some have been told to avoid eye contact...

Tillerson also skipped the customary visits to overseas State employees and their families during his travels, the Post reported.
Will this encourage leaks from Foggy Bottom?



  1. Consider this:
    1. Tillerson says he didn't want the job.
    2. Tillerson won't respect or engage with State employees.
    3. Hillary apparently retains her Top Secret access.
    4. So all those State Dept vets have loyalty to ???
    I was reading an account of the Col. House / Woodrow relationship on LRC today. So House pretty much ran his own European diplomatic mission which contravened the official White House positions before WW I. He also made PROMISES to the Brits and France that eventually sucked us into the carnage. Could the Hillary "afterglow" reveal a shadow State Dept.? More saber rattling at Russia? Oh boy.

  2. Matt Lee of AP has tweeted that this Post report is false.