Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions as an Idiot

I'm sure in Law 101 for aspiring lawyers, they teach at every law school in the United States that when a client is about to face hostile questioning that he should be advised to answer the questions asked with as few words as possible without stating any facts or saying anything beyond specifically what was asked.

In the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing, there is no question that Senator Al Franken was a hostile questioner.

But note the answer Sessions gave to the Franken question in the clip below that has gotten the spotlight turned on Sessions for "misleading Congress"  about his Russian contact.

Franken asked:
If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump
campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this
campaign what will you do?
Note, Franken did not ask Sessions if he had any communication with the  Russians. He asked how Sessions would handle a situation if it turned out someone in the campaign had.

Sessions should have answered this way:
Well, that's a theoretical and I am not going to answer such a question. You would need to know specifics of what occurred. That said, no one on my watch would get away with breaking the law if it turns out someone broke the law. 
But instead of answering the question on this high-road theoretical level that says nothing, the idiot volunteered that he had no contact with the Russians---when he did.

Now, I am sure that Sessions was thinking about contact with Russians concerning the Trump campaign rather than Senate business. But he did not make clear his meaning when he provided this information---information there was no reason to provide in the first place.

This is what has now gotten him into trouble in the latest absurd attempt by Democrats, the intelligence community and MSM to paint Trump as some kind of Russian collaborator.

He didn't even practice what a first-year law student should know.

Yes, ladies and gentleman: Your idiot Attorney General.




  1. psst...***didn't even practice***...

  2. Given the context of the question, his reply was true.

  3. The idiot is obsessed with marijuana and opioid pain medication. He lost his anti-pot crusade but he's succeeding in getting doctors to deny help to patients who have never abused medication. Jeff Sessions is a complete and total moron who is determined to hurt other people.