Monday, March 27, 2017

Ivanka Trump to Travel to Berlin for Women's Economic Summit

The social justice warrior is going to be on the move.

Ivanka Trump will attend a summit on the economic empowerment of women in Germany, according to a report.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited Ivanka to the W20 summit during her visit to Washington, D.C., a senior White House official told the Associated Press.

The summit will take place in Berlin between April 24th and the 26th.

On the agenda:

Urge the G20 to "narrow and finally close the gender pay gap,""appoint nationally-determined gender targets for the corporate advisory boards," and "promote work-life-balance for women and men by encouraging equal share of paid work and unpaid care and domestic work."



  1. Great! And while we're at it, let's mandate that women be as physically strong as men, and that men take on their proper role of bearing 50% of all pregnancies.

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