Monday, March 27, 2017

HOT Atty Gen Sessions Says Justice Dept Funds Will Be Pulled From Sanctuary Cities

In a press conference being held now, Atty Gen Sessions says Justice Dept grants will be withheld from sanctuary cities that don't comply with immigration laws & enforcement.

He says sanctuary cities "endanger lives of every American."

Sessions is insane but from a libertarian perspective less Federal funding, especially less DOJ funding is a good thing.

Hey bitch, Cut us off completely.



  1. I can't wait for DEA to start shooting pot farmers in California. Give me that JUMBO box of popcorn!

    1. I view these two differently. Condtitutionally, the fedgov has no authority over the drug issue, other than regulste, not prohibit, inter-state comnerce.
      Immigration and standards for naturalization are a fedgov delegated powers.

      I know I am beating a dead horse trying to limit the fedgov to its charter but it is a more achievable goal and progress towards a more libertarian society.

  2. Good, cutting off the federal spigot is a good step to regaining local sovereignty

  3. I'm not sure I follow why, from a libertarian perspective, "less Federal funding . . . is a good thing." If it meant less money taken from individuals for taxes, I would agree, but if all that is happening is that this money to be withheld will be used for different Federal programs, why is this a good thing? In fact, to the extent that libertarians favor subsidarity, isn't it "better" to have the money spent by state governments than the Federal government?

  4. gender can be determined in a variety of ways, including from other bones such as the skull. Certain political forces want to pretend that only the hip bone is different.

  5. "Hey bitch, Cut us off completely."

    I agree, but I'd also insist that the federal government stop taxing me to death, then dangling a small portion of that money for me to get back if I'll only dance their tune.