Tuesday, March 28, 2017

HEROIC Rep. Mo Brooks Files One Sentence Bill to Repeal Obamacare

Rep. Mo Brooks

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, introduced a bill on Friday to repeal Obamacare..

The bill states: "This Act may be cited as the 'Obamacare Repeal Act,'" the bill states.

And the bill uses just one sentence to do it.

"Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted," the bill states.

Brooks has said in the past of the Ryan-Trumpcare bill:
We have a bill that is referred to as ‘Obamacare-Lite’ or ‘Obamacare 2.0’  – because it does not repeal Obamacare. In fact, it keeps the substantive parts of Obamacare that have caused premiums to skyrocket, which is why the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation are warning us in Congress that health insurance premiums over the next two years will go up 15 to 20 percent, rather than drop like you would have happen if there was an Obamacare repeal.

But don't get too excited, he is in the end a government technocrat:
What we should be doing is implementing cost containment measures. “We should be repealing the parts of Obamacare that have forced these skyrocketing premiums on struggling American families, rather than keep them in this new bill.
In addition to that, we should interject new provisions that will force competition into the marketplace.By way of example, we should be forcing interstate health insurance competition that, in turn, will force lower insurance prices, as health insurance companies from around the country compete for a customer base. We should be repealing antitrust exemptions that suppress competition, that create oligopolies and monopolies that, in turn, drive up healthcare costs.
The government shouldn't be doing anything but getting out of the way.

But the simple repeal part is pure brilliance.


(Sources: AL.com Breitbart)

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  1. Just repeal the Obamacare mandate. If you like the plan you can keep the plan. LOL

    Of course if you want another plan then market demand will create alternatives for you.