Sunday, March 26, 2017

Did the Koch Brothers Take Down Trump's Health Care Bill?

Emma Niles makes a convincing case:

House Republicans killed the AHCA after it failed to gather enough support from GOP representatives. The bill, which was intended to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) struggled to garner support from within the GOP since its introduction by House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier in March.
The decision to pull the bill came two days after Koch-affiliated groups announced they would support Republicans who opposed it, CNN reports:
In a last-minute effort to sink the Republican health care bill, a powerful network of conservative donors said Wednesday it would create a new fund for Republican 2018 reelection races—but they’ll only open it up to GOPers who vote against the bill.
The advocacy groups helmed by Charles and David Koch have unveiled a new pool of money for advertisements, field programs and mailings that would exclude those who vote for the health care bill they oppose[d] on Thursday. The effort, which they described as worth millions of dollars, is an explicit warning to on-the-fence Republicans from one of the most influential players in electoral politics not to cross them. …
The vote is not a litmus test: Other money and resources would still be available to Republicans who do not vote with the network, formally called the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce. But those who vote with the network will have access to more.
Two of the Koch-funded advocacy groups, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, have regularly lobbied Republican lawmakers. A third Koch-funded advocacy group, Club for Growth, and the Koch-nurtured House Freedom Caucus, also opposed the bill.
Finally an excellent use of money by Charles and David: Payoff the criminals in Congress to stem the expansion of government.


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