Monday, March 6, 2017

Breakdown of Faculty who Signed Letter Against Charles Murray at Middlebury College

The crazed lefties are not in the hard sciences.
Also see Charles Murray's horrifying account of what went down: here.



  1. People like to make fun of lefties for avoiding the hard sciences and taking over literature and the humanities, but don't underestimate the impact those fields have on the culture. It is the high ground from which they launch all other attacks. Unfortunately, the historical answer to subversive cultural leftism has been hard-right fascism, and I suspect that is where we are heading today.

  2. It would be interesting to subject ever university English professor to a rigorous grammar examination. These people are just morons who learned how to jump through the right academic hoops.

    1. Trust me, a better target would be the faculty in the college's Education department: that's the group that educates and certifies the professors of tomorrow. In general these faculty have a degree in psychology (the easiest degree obtainable) and a Masters in education.

  3. For 'Foreign Languages' read Spanish. Where is Francisco Torres when you need him?

  4. Well, some crazed lefties are in the hard sciences; see "climate change" scientists.

  5. Even when I received my Bachelor's degree in physics a long time ago, there were plenty of crazed lefties in the hard sciences. Many of my facebook friends are very smart crazed lefties from back then.

    In Modern Times Revised Edition: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties, Paul Johnson points out that, like Hoover, many of the central planners of the world are very smart people. So smart, in fact, they think they can run everyone's' lives. In their minds, we're all just pieces of a puzzle that they can easily solve with their uber-intelligent central planning.

    Being smart is no protection from being a crazed leftie or righty.