Saturday, March 4, 2017

BATTLE IN BERKELEY: Trump vs. Anti-Trump Protesters: Fists Fly (Video)


  1. Right wing socialists vs Left wing socialists....(grabs popcorn). Let these state bootlicks beat the hell out of each other

    1. Just curious, which ones do you think are more representative of the state? The Trump supporters, or the antifa?

    2. If we just judge it on actions since the election it would be the left. The left is actually going out and hurting people who aren't on the left. They're actually attempting to enforcing their ideology themselves. In addition the left primarily has more government and non government infrastructure (education, planned parenthood, entertainment, ACORN etc). I view conservatives and alt-righters who want to carry out their authoritarian fantasies as all bark and no bite. They don't want to carry them out themselves (IE hurting people) instead wanting the enforcement class (a primarily conservative/alt-right government infrastructure) to do it for them.