Thursday, March 30, 2017

At AIPAC, Alan Dershowitz Hustles Water Out of Thin Air Machine Technology

This you have to see. Starts at 1:44:12

I suspect there is a push for government funding to put this machine in places far from Israel. with Dersh collecting a shekel or two.



  1. Funny to watch Dershowitz do an infomercial. This is probably a peltier junction. Been around a few decades. It's not a very efficient de-humidifier but in an extremely arid desert environment it is probably one of the only ways to locally source clean water. Provided you have the means to power the thing. Pound for pound, it is still way cheaper to truck in bottled water.

    1. If this is a peltier junction dehumidifier, they really upped the efficiency at 330 watt hours / liter. It looks like it is twice as efficient as an equivalent compressor based dehumidifier.

  2. Too bad we can't get a machine the relocates all the jews to Israel.