Saturday, March 18, 2017

Are Sanctuary Cities a Form of Decentralization?

NY Cynic asks at the post, Sanctuary Cities List Grows to Nearly 500:
Question: Would you consider the concept of Sanctuary City a form of decentralization?
An excellent question. Yes, it is. It is extremely limited in scope and thus far from a full decentralization from a greater government body but it is a small decentralization step.



  1. Let's celebrate criminal safe havens!

  2. Of interest is the fact that they are liberals refusing, once again, to obey government - that thing they wish to grow and whose laws they expect others to obey. I'd like to live in cities where they provide sanctuary from federal taxes.

  3. Safe spaces for enforced clitorectomies!

  4. Should a Libertarian look at a "illegal" immigrant as a criminal? Just for breaking a State law? What if they never violate anyone? Is simply coming to this country outside of State means a criminal act in of itself?

  5. One level of government refuses to let people come and go as they please another level of government invites people in and plunders those already living within its territory to help support them.

    It may be decentralized but it's still bad and bad.