Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Very Confused Government Trained Killer in Iraq

By Robert Wenzel

Steve Gern, is a former Marine, i.e. a government trained killer, he recently sent out a video supporting President Trump's ban on Iraqis entering the United States.

Trump supporting warmonger Sean Hannity recently featured the video on his show.

Although in his latest, travel ban Executive Order, Trump has left Iraq off the list, the video is instructive.


Gern tells us that he was, until recently, a "private security contractor" in Iraq, which means he could very well still be a government operative.

But what is more instructive is that he tells us that he could not go into the Iraqi town where he was located because he would have been captured within an hour, tortured and beheaded by locals.

He makes the point that these would be locals and not members of ISIS or al-Qaeda that would do this to him.

But there is little in the way of introspection here. He never asks why they would want to kill him because he is American. Could it be that America has bombed the hell out of the country and made life miserable for most Iraqis?

People really don't like bombs falling on them and foreign invasions that cause people to lose their way of life.

Indeed, the lefty Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith recognized that, especially air attacks, don't work and that they harden civilians against the country bombing and that such citizens would prefer a bad government to such bombing.

Galbraith was a terrible economist but he was very good on war. In fact, he studied the allied bombing of Germany during World War 2 and recognized it did much more harm than good. (Starts at 13:00)

Gern goes on to give the impression that if Iraqis were allowed into the U.S. (which under Trump's new EO they will be), they would be beheading us left and right.

Of course. according to the United States Census Bureau at the end of 2015, there were  145,279 Iraqi's in the United States and there haven't even been 10,00 beheadings in the U.S. yet.

It reminds me of the discussion I had with a money manager who claimed that the desire of all Muslims because of their religion is to kill all non-Muslims---that they all believed this and are willing to carry this out and are focused on little else.

I asked him how many Muslims live in the United States. He didn't know. I pointed out it's 3  million plus. I then asked him if the focused goal of all these Muslims is to kill non-Muslim Americans, why haven't we had at least 100,000 attacks, in the U.S. or even "just" 10,000.

This view that a large majority of the Muslims in the world want to kill us for no good reason is bizarre.

Where we have bombed and invaded they may hate us but it is not because they hate our freedoms or our religion but because we are destroying their world---with bombs and troops.

Gern doesn't get it but when he was over there killing Muslims, violating George Washington's advice to stay out of foreign entanglements, that actually got some Muslims upset.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of  EconomicPolicyJournal.com and Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn. The Robert Wenzel podcast on  iphone and stitcher.


  1. Amen! From former government-trained killers. The powers-that-be didn't want us off the post in safe and "liberated" Kuwait since the people there were sick of us 18 years after the great liberation. Hannity would never put a VFPer on his propa, er, program--meant to program the mindless.

  2. As another former government trained killer, I agree that we need to stop bombing muslim countries and pull all of our troops back to our own borders. The more radical muslims will still want us dead of course because we're all infidels, but most of them don't have the means to do us any harm.

  3. Who are you trying to pin this on? The Alt Right is against all the wars (and also against creating the conditions for conflict as well). Remember, the Alt Right emerged during the regime of the war criminal George W. Bush.

    1. There's a fundamental disagreement between the alt right and libertarians on the cause of the hatred among Muslims for the US. Libertarians like Ron Paul believe that US intervention causes most of the hatred. Neocons believe they hate us for our freedoms. The Alt Right believes that there's a long historic war between Christianity and Islam and that this is just a continuation of that war.

      They may believe that the wars of the last few years shouldn't have happened, but they don't recognize that the motivations for terrorism are the wars, like Ron Paul. They think that the terrorism will come in huge volumes regardless of what the US does, like this Marine does.


    2. If the Islam vs Christianity War was true why hasn't Latin America which is significantly more religious (Roman Catholic) than the US and Europe why hasn't there been Islamic terrorist attacks there in the same amount to attacks in Europe and the US? Islamists don't like socialism or drugs either so those answers don't explain it either.

  4. People dont like being shot at, bombed and guns pointed at them for simply existing but warmongers fail to understand this fact.

    1. I think the mongers understand it quite well, since it profits them to keep doing it. Dolts like me don't understand it, or recognize it too late.