Sunday, February 19, 2017

Will a New U.S. Civil War Be Launched From Seattle, Washington?

During a rally that called for the release of a man in a Tacoma, Washington immigration detention center, socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant said activists should demand leaders use local police to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, reports KIRO 7.

Local police versus federal agents? That's close to civil war folks.

"If we are going to be a sanctuary then we have to be a sanctuary. Let's demand that the mayor not use Seattle Police to repress peaceful anti-Trump protests. Let's demand that he use Seattle Police instead to block ICE from seizing human beings." she said to what KIRO characterized as a cheering crowd.

“We have to stand in solidarity with all immigrants. And fight back against Trump and the billionaire class,” she continued

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray called Sawant's statement  "irresponsible and dangerous."

"The Seattle Police Department and the city cannot stop Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other federal authorities from conducting raids in our city," Murray said in a statement, "and suggestions that would possibly create violent scenarios would undermine the commitment to peaceful protest called for by so many over the last month. Being dishonest with the communities in our city targeted by the Trump administration is irresponsible and dangerous when our city aims to do everything we can to support them."

Sawant is a wacky leftist and it is unclear how much support she has in the community. But, she did get elected.

As I have noted numerous times, the current battle between Trump and the anti-Trump crowd is not a libertarian battle. Trump is an authoritarian with dreams of a massive military. The anti-Trump crowd is mostly leftists, who really don't object to central power. They just want to be in charge of the power for their own authoritarian goals.

We are not at civil war stage, yet, but Trump doesn't have the personality of one who backs down. This will drive the wacky left into fury. It is not clear on what issue but the left could be triggered with violent protests at some point. Trump would respond with federal troops. And it might not be the local police but a further clash could occur between protesters and federal troops.

Seattle is one of many cities that could be the flashpoint.

This would not be a win for libertarians, both sides are crazed authoritarians.

There is a large degree of reason that is part of libertarianism (though there can sometimes be outrage) but what we are seeing from both sides in the Trump battle is great amounts of emotion based on the flimsiest of intellectual foundations. Liberty does not emerge from this.

Libertarians should stay out of this battle and keep the flame of liberty burning through intellectual study and discussion, and skilled presentations.

The world is very complex and it is unclear when the kaleidoscope will turn in a way that the masses will be receptive to liberty but, when they are ready, it is up to us have the arguments for liberty available and in front of them so that they can drink it up.

Aside from that, all we can do is stay out of the line of fire and enjoy the wacky show.



  1. I wonder if Sawant realizes that majority of coproaches are Trump supporters

  2. These POS's need to be rounded up and pushed out of helicopters over the Pacific Ocean. Augusto Pinochet did a couple things right and exterminating leftist was one of them.

    I won't be happy with every Trump policy move, but this is valuable showing what leftist really are and how they are a threat to anything left of a functioning civilized society.

    1. As far as I can see, the only one advocating anything approaching the destruction of a functioning, civilized society, is you.

      The SA was purged first, remember that, when you're against the wall.

    2. Absolutely. We all know that giving in to every far left demand will eventually lead to a paradigm shift that will bring about a world free of government force.

    3. Incognost, have you ever talked to a leftist? Stupidest shits in the known universe.

    4. @Labman I talk to them all the time, I've lately found them more reasonable then those advocating we murder them extra-judicially.

      @PH Who said anything about giving in, I'm saying, hey, maybe don't murder people for their political beliefs. Seems a pretty reasonable rule for everyone.

  3. Shhhh.... if you listen, you will hear the sounds of Sawant's moment. The minimum wage stuff was just fodder.

    Proposing local police resistance is the bigger play. If you can get some federal agents to dress up in the uniforms of local authorities and stage a society changing confrontation, then you have opened the gates for the federalization of your local police departments. Police and sheriffs voted for and (somewhat) controlled locally, is one of the last relics of our republic of states.

    The stage has been set magnificently. For the last 4 years, we've been treated to a media barrage of police gone bad stories. Nobody will complain about their departure except for those who understand what centralized control looks like.