Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why Neocons Love Trump’s New National Security Adviser

If you listen to this clip and continue to support Trump, you are not a libertarian.

-- RW


  1. He sounds perfect! After all, we have to spend these trillions of dollars of government surplus somewhere. And waging wars around the world has had so many provable beneficial effects for Americans AND the countries we invade. Think of Vietnam, for example, where the U.S. removed extra foliage that probably just constricted movement, and graciously spared the lives of all but two or three million inhabitants. Or, more recently, look at the wonderful benefits we've brought to Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh, and let's not forget Libya. Yet, there are so many more countries we can bring enlightenment to, and how depressing it is that we're proceeding so slowly. McMaster will masterfully see to it that the payoffs of war are brought to bear on as many people as possible. How could anybody oppose this guy?

  2. Libertarianism was already dragged to far through the mud via support for Trump in my opinion. I used to overhear that libertarians were simply crazy because they want to legalize drugs etc. Now I have on multiple occasions had "what about Libertarians for Trump" thrown in my face. I understand what Block and them were trying to do but the average Joe on the street doesn't get into the 'he is better on this than her' or 'he is better on net' semantics. The average Joe just associates party with people.

    Unfortunately Libertarians have sullied the image of what we stand for by aligning with Trump Supporters. It's going to require a LOT of extra work / argument to convince people what libertarianism is now that this damage has been done... Which sucks. Ron did so much and I feel that's been partially drowned out.