Friday, February 10, 2017

Why I Oppose Trump

By Jack Perry

I don’t oppose Trump because I think dissent is patriotic. I’m not a patriot. I don’t oppose him because I think the Left is right, all puns aside. The Left is as full of generic-brand beans as he is. Both use political power and government force to achieve objectives, and that’s why I oppose him and them both. I am opposed to more laws passed, especially ones that one man writes. I don’t care if the law says fifteen different bathrooms for thirty different genders must be built or people from several countries banned from entering the United States, these laws are the problem. I’m not into second-hand intoxication with power. We don’t need more laws. We’ve got enough headaches with the laws we’ve got. I don’t trust the government. And I’d be saying the same thing no matter who was in there doing this, whether it was a Republican, Democrat, or First United Reformed Whigs of America. Government is government and that is the problem. It has amassed such power, it corrupts all who use it and that’s actually why they desire it in the first place. They’re already corrupt and government just gives them more latitude. And that’s why I don’t trust any of them.

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  1. Well said. If only the pen really was mightier than the sword.

    1. Dollar hegemony is mightier than both pen and sword.

    2. The Dollar hegemony was an accident of history not a driving force. And can not save us from the problems pointed out by Jack Perry. The free market was making the world richer until the might-makes-right crowd in government went crazy with protectionism. Leading to WWI and WWII destroying lives and economies throughout the world. Thru the luck of location the US government suffered the least gaining an unearned advantage resulting in the dollar hegemony. A benefit to the US government but a liability to human wellbeing which requires only the free market or voluntary exchange between humans who respect private property.

    3. Sorry for the rant...I see your point.