Saturday, February 4, 2017

Visa Trump Travel Ban Chaos

First, there was this: U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Washington, James Robart (an appointee of George W. Bush), temporarily blocked Trump’s travel ban.

Which resulted in this, via CNN: Customs & Border Protection told US airlines it was reinstating visas following the federal judge's ruling.

But Trump wants to change that real fast: In a statement from the White House late Friday night, it was announced that the DOJ intends to file a request for an emergency stay of the ruling.



Trump weighs in:


  1. Yet, these judge SJW's were nowhere to be found when the Kenyan Muslim was writing up these things left and right with a number of violations as well though this 'ban' is completely legal.

    I hope judges like this lose their cushy federal jobs.

    1. Better than the Russian agent we have in charge now huh? Just need some good, slavic judges.

      Gimme a break with this nonsense.

  2. Did Obama drop any of his 26,000 bombs on any non-Islamic countries last year?