Sunday, February 26, 2017

U.S. Detains and Nearly Deports French Holocaust Historian

The slick, authoritarian, street-hustling President apparently doesn't even need Executive Orders to begin his authoritarian campaigns.

I reported yesterday that Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained by immigration offcials at a Florida airport after an overseas trip.

Today, at an airport in Houston, Henry Russo, A French historian, was detained for 10 hours.

The Egyptian-born Jewish scholar, a senior researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research, is a specialist on French World War Two history and the Holocaust-era.

Officials at Texas A&M University, where Russo was scheduled to speak, said he was going to be returned to Paris as an illegal alien "due to a visa misunderstanding".

The university stopped the deportation with help from a law professor.

Clearly, word has gone out that "extreme vetting" is to take place, despite the fact that no Executive Order is in place.

Russo and Ali are high profile and are reported in the news. One wonders how many others are subject to "extreme vetting."

And there is this report from a Target Liberty reader:
I was not detained but I was encumbered at an airport for more than 1 hour last week just for a 1 hour domestic flight between California cities.


  1. Sad to say but I suppose 'oathkeepers', in the tradition of the principled Ron Paulians who founded that group, is not going to take hold. Even some of their previously existing regional chapters don't seem to understand what the founders of the group intended and have been going off and doing crazy things, intimidating completely peaceful people in many situations. Very sad.

    1. I view the oathkeepers as the conservative version of the "anti-war" left; more anti-the-current-guy-in-charge (in their case Obama) than their stated mission. Government goon squad abuse is only wrong when their opponents do it, when their friends do it, it's "patriotic". I'm open to changing my view on them if I see otherwise but I won't hold my breath.