Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump's Valuable Asset

Chris Rossini emails:

As you know all too well, Trump has a lot of supporters that are willing to close their eyes to his authoritarianism. I believe that the wacko left plays a big part in making this so.

First, Hillary is (rightfully) despised by at least half the country. The fact that Trump defeated her buys him time from criticism. After all, the common thinking goes, "at least it's not Hillary."

So Trump has a buffer to do outrageous things, and his supporters will stay with him no matter what. They'll defend just about anything. After all, he's not Hillary.

Next, you have the violent, repulsive, illogical and irrational wacko lefties who make the news headlines on a daily basis.

Anyone with half a brain will come to the conclusion that "if these are Trump's opponents, he must not be that bad."

I'm sure it even garners a bunch of sympathy for Trump as well. People like an underdog...a rebel.

Unfortunately, Trump is no rebel. But thanks to the wacko lefties, he gets to play one in real life.

Any and all violations of liberty by Trump become an afterthought in supporters' minds.

When a libertarian points to the abuse that Trump inflicts (or is planning to inflict) his supporters just throw the libertarian into the pile of opponents.

That's all well and good, but our bedfellows are Crooked Hillary and her legions of misfits. That's not good company when we're trying to change minds.

All of this gives Trump a free ride, and plenty of time to grab and consolidate power. His supporters will rally behind him.

The wacko left is not helping. The longer that Trump has them around to make fools of themselves, the more cover he has to do his dirty deeds.

I expect Trump to keep throwing meat into the wacko cages. They're a valuable asset.

RW note: Chris nails it here. The only thing I would want to emphasize more is that pretty much the only point PLs are in line with the Left on is that Trump is bad news. We should always make clear, to the general public when discussing the topic,  that out objections to Trump also include objections to what the Left desires--so that it makes it difficult for the Right to incorrectly lump us with the Left.

The current battle between the Left and Right over Trump is for the most part not a Libertarian battle.

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