Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tom Woods Under Attack: "Libertarian Weirdo"

So this is what the neocons have resorted to? Name calling?

Tom Woods writes:

This is neocon John Schindler's Trumpian like response:
For the record, Tom is one of the most decent individuals on this planet. There is nothing weirdo about him.

Tom is the author of, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American HistoryMeltdownReal Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion, and How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.



  1. Thanks, Bob. I replied with this:

  2. As I've explained 1,329 times before, our opponents are congenitally unable to construct a single debating point in response to our analysis. Alternatively, they are unwilling to do so because they know they are wrong. This applies to the Neocons, the SJWs and especially to the Keynesians who simply cannot find that magic moment in history* where hard money and laissez faire failed thereby demonstrating the need for Keynesian stimulus and plenary economic power in the hands of Congress. Hello Mr. Gorsuch.

    *Ask them to identify that magic moment in history and watch what happens.

  3. I love how its "weird" to not be enthusiastic about murder.

    When some jar head tries to shut you down because he fought in Iraq or wherever, just ask how exactly it is that failing at your mission for 15 years makes you some kind of expert.

    "Oh you were in Iraq? Bang up job bro. What's your secret?"

  4. it says schindler writes for observer, is that Kushner's observer? As a side note I think Tom pays too much attention to detractors. he shouldn't sweat it. heck, maybe even dont mention it and offer it up to take time off purgatory. every little bit helps. P.S. the fundy brigade need not reply, Tom will know what I am talking about. :-)

  5. Schindler is a major crackpot. He has a blog called the 20 Committee that has been wrong about just about everything.

  6. I love it when Tom pounds idiots in any forum. It's even more awesome that he can do it in a character limited forum like Twitter.