Sunday, February 26, 2017

Santa Cruz Police Accuse Homeland Security Of Lying To Cover Up Immigrant Sweep

Law enforcement officials in California have accused federal agents of using a gang investigation as a cover for detaining undocumented immigrants.

“I want to underscore that we would never have participated or cooperated in this operation if we had known that it included immigration enforcement,” Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel said at a news conference earlier this week. Santa Cruz is a sanctuary city for immigrants.

“As a result of this betrayal of trust, we will be taking a long and hard look about whether we will cooperate with this federal agency in the future,” he said. “We can’t cooperate with a law enforcement agency we cannot trust.

But police discovered later that DHS officials “had acted outside of the scope of this operation and had detained and removed a number of individuals from various locations based upon their immigration status,” Vogel said, noting that these people “may or may not have been related” to the criminal investigation.

The police chief said several people were secretly removed from areas that didn’t have police on the scene and sent to DHS sites in other counties for processing, according to ABC-7 TV.

“The detention and the removal of these individuals based solely upon their immigration status flies in the face of the City Council resolution declaring Santa Cruz a place of trust and  safety for all local immigrants,” Vogel said at the press conference. “The community has an absolute right to be angry about this.”

As I noted earlier:
The slick, authoritarian, street-hustling President apparently doesn't even need Executive Orders to begin his authoritarian campaigns....
He is using cover stories and operations to intensify his policies beyond what he has publicly indicated.


(Source: Huffington Post)


  1. Yeah, horrible the illegals are being rounded up and asked to leave. Obama wrote EO's that allowed a lot of this vermin to stay here.

    Now if we can reduce the H-1's that would be great to.

  2. Why are they vermin? I didn't see anything definitive that said anything about these folks being criminals

    1. They are vermin because they crossed an imaginary line drawn by crooked politicians, Joshua. Don't you get it? Please have another glass of kool-aid.

  3. How ironic that after years of "neo-confederate" secessionist bashing, the most concrete manifestation of secessionism (is that a word yet?) comes from the California left!
    An additional irony is that these folks are PRO-SLAVERY (Hayek, anyone?) but don't even know it.

  4. Local coproach vs federal coproaches, this may get interesting