Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ron Paul Calls for Libertarian Alliance With Anti-War Democrats

Former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on his daily youtube show, The Ron Paul Liberty Report, on Monday called for an alliance between libertarians and anti-war progressives.

On the show, Dr. Paul first noted that with Obama as president it was:
 Drop a couple bombs everyday. Kill a few innocent people from collateral damage and then run for the hills.
He then went on to discuss how things are likely to be different under Trump:
But that's not the current administration's plans. It doesn't look like it will be this whole idea of of just dropping bombs. They're talking about more troops on the ground.
He warned there is a pro-war escalation alliance that is very powerful:
We who think in these [anti-aggressive war] terms are facing a coalition that worries me because you know it looks like the neocons haven't turned tail around they're still around and the US Congress is very strong on this and the administration of course is in many ways [pro-war] because of the war on terrorism.
He then indicated with this type war escalation he would like to see a libertarian alliance with the parts of the left that are anti-war:
There's a powerful [pro-war]coalition they're putting together that's why I would love
to keep working on my goal to get a more vocal coalition between libertarian
constitutionalists as well as progressive Democrats. The best one that fits that
category of course is Dennis Kucinich and  there are others. I think we have to get
together all who are anti-imperialistic even if we disagree on Obamacare because
it's such an important issue. Because the coalition against us, they don't agree on
all the economic issues. Matter of fact, they just come together for one thing to be pro war and we need to build the coalition against this senseless war.
 I am not all that optimistic that the troops will be coming home soon but it's a war of ideas and I think including the progressives and libertarians, and I think there will be some disaffected conservatives that will come to see the light when the the president's not delivering.
-- RW


  1. The REAL president. President Ron Paul.
    I'm not so optimistic about his plan though. the left is just filled with top to bottom with doofuses and hypocrites unfortunately.

  2. Just as many on the right hate the left more than the state, most on the left love the state far more than they hate war. Anti-war leftism seems to have died in the Vietnam era. Nowadays, you won't hear leftists say a single word against war, except perhaps to complain that it diverts resources away from 'social justice', or that special forces don't have enough transvestites for their liking.

  3. None of the leftists I know are anti-war in any real sense. None. Now, banning gender bender bathrooms, there's a topic that really sets them off.

    1. If I had to guess, well over half of VFP are from the left. I personally am in the minority from the An-Cap right.


  4. In theory I would agree. It would be a good alliance for the next four years, but what happens when a Democrat enters the Oval Office again? The progressives and the left will be silent once again. As we have seen for the last eight years, progressives will give their guy a pass on a militaristic foreign policy and abandon any anti-war principles.

    1. See my reply above. Some of the most principled opposition to Obama came from my fellow VFPers, many unabashedly leftist. Now, I do have trouble convincing them the same power the state uses for foreign policy is the one it uses domestically as well ...

  5. When Russ Feingold and Dennis Kucinich left office that was the last true anti-war Democrats in Washington. Also look at the treatment that Glenn Greenwald gets from run of the mill liberals, they hate him and some blame him for Hillary losing.

  6. The left ruined the LP. They are not to be reasoned with, only exterminated.

  7. On a lighter note: What a great pic of Dr. Paul! The kindness and decency just leap out at ya. I saved it to my gallery. And yes, you could say I'm a Ron Paul fanboy.

    1. "...you could say I'm a Ron Paul fanboy."

      (In my best 'My Cousin Vinnie' voice) I did say dat. Would you say dat?