Friday, February 17, 2017

OMG Trump is Meeting with John Bolton This Weekend

With the national security adviser position open, President Donald Trump is meeting this weekend at Mar-A-Lago  with crazed war hawk John Bolton,  Lt General H.R. McMaster and acting national security adviser Keith Kellogg, according to Katie Hinman, executive producer, CNN's State of the Union.

And we now have this:

Caution: Grab your vomit bag before viewing.




  1. A great 90 second clip. It's a shame that Rand Paul wasn't handy for a followup.

  2. Robert, I know you and a number of people who comment on your site knew that Donald Trump was going to be a horror show as President, but Trump's frenetic insanity is more frightening in its portent than the Night of The Long Knives in 1934. I mean whats next, an algorithmic score for our loyalty to Israel, the U.S. Military, and the extended Trump Family as defined by Homeland Security?

    When the U.S. Military rounded up Japanese Americans to put men, women, and small children in the Internment Camps, they were made to sign a Loyalty Oath, and if they refused on principal they were sent to extremely remote camps. But now it looks like if you don't measure up to some test of fealty, your as good as gone.

    When I woke up to the evil putrid soul that is Washington D.C. in December of 1964, I was eleven years, and two weeks old. It was plain as day that this country was hell bent on becoming a police state hell hole even then, but now at the age of 63 I sense it is on our doorstep. The Abyss is opening and it may swallow us whole.

    If John Bolton is named to Trump's Administration as National Security Advisor, the Abyss is wide open.

  3. I think we can name it National Insecurity Advisor. It's almost like these people want war when the other side tells them what would bring peace.

  4. What if Bolton's mustache gets caught in Trump's hair?