Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mysterious Political Group Emerges To Back Peter Thiel For California Governor

On Saturday, a group called “Draft Peter Thiel For Governor” registered with the FEC as a political action committee presumably to raise money for a Thiel run in 2018, reports Forbes. The filing is required for political committees that expect to “exceed $50,000 in contributions or expenditures” in a given year, according to FEC rules.

Jeremiah Hall, a spokesperson for Thiel, initially declined to comment on the filing but later sent Forbes a statement stating that "Peter is not running for governor."

Notes Forbes:
Drafting committees are often established by backers to gauge a candidate’s viability for political office. On its website, Draft Thiel For Governor displays an open letter to Thiel on its homepage, imploring others to sign and support a potential run while disparaging current Governor Jerry Brown, who is a Democrat.
“I hereby add my name to those who implore you to file for Governor in the state of California and take out liberal extremist and career politician Governor Jerry Brown,” the letter reads. "You have the knowledge and the experience to see where liberals have led California’s policy astray, and you have the courage to say so when others will not.”

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  1. They formed a federal campaign committee to draft him for a California state office? So he said he's not running for governor... but what about federal office?