Friday, February 3, 2017

MILO: "I was put in a bullet proof vest and whisked away."

This is what went down in Berkeley.
A few notes:

The most violent protesters were the lefty anarchists. I know some of these guys. They want to destroy the entire system.

I wrote about them in May 2015:
As I have pointed out before, Oakland, California is one of the most radical protest cities in the United States.

There is a small but very hardcore contingent of leftist-anarchists in the city that are part of the general contingent of lefty protesters. As best as I can tell most of the lefty-anarchists were not born and bred in the city. They really come from all over the country and some from overseas.

Their desire is to see the current structure of society burned to the ground. They expect some kind of new wonderful society to emerge phoenix like from the ashes.

Oakland works for them as ground zero becasue, as I say, there are many other lefty protesters in the area, and assorted troublemakers. With so many protests going on, they have plenty of opportunities to mix in with others and wreak havoc.
Some are calling these attackers antifa and they may identify themselves for strategic reasons as antifa but they are really anti-capitalist anarchists. They will operate out of any large lefty gathering and use the cover of large crowds to vandalize and commit other acts of violence.

In the past, I have only seen them vandalize physical property, especially banks. But at the Milo protest, they escalated and attacked individuals.

Also, the number of black-clad violent protesters seemed significantly larger last night than in previous protests. At protests in the past, I have seen perhaps 30 to 40 of them, in Berkeley it appeared there were between 100 and 150. They were also much better prepared than at previous protests, with large firecrackers, metal pipes etc.

That said, the number of police on hand at the Berkeley campus seemed unusually small. Note well, in Milo's comment he says the police were for the most part just hiding inside his building.

It is hard to believe that Berkeley police and Berkeley campus police were not aware of the potential problems with these anarchists. It is common knowledge they operate in the East Bay area and that you have to have significant police presence to keep the peace when they are around.

Of note, the University of California Berkeley is part of the University of California system, which is run by the lefty Democrat, former head of the Department of Homeland Security, political operative, and Clinton loyalist Janet Napolitano.

In 1993, Napolitano was appointed by President Bill Clinton as United States Attorney for the District of Arizona. Napolitano campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona on October 30, 2016. Ultimately, it was her responsibility to see to it that enough police presence was on campus.

For some reason that didn't happen.



  1. Didn't Milo characterize libertarians as ridiculous? Why lump them in with conservatives then?

    1. We are starting to see the usefulness that this character plays for the establishment and why he gets so much msm time.

      Population control is about categorization. You can't divide without first categorizing. If you're individual ideology or value system doesn't fit one of the establishment's useful archetypes, then it needs to be confused so that it does.

  2. Are we supposed to like Milo as staunch libertarians? He clearly isn't a libertarian but my god I've seen him unleash hell upon the left better than most.

    1. As long as he sticks to free speech issues he's better than most. Now when he strays to foreign policy or his love for Rudy Giuliani, that's amother issue......

  3. The concept of anarchism is catching a serious beating these days. Having to parse such variants as "lefty", which seems to be a contradiction in terms, "black bloc", "antifa", and "anti-capitalist" from "market" or "capitalist" is quite the task. Especially with all the bacalavas. I'm not sure it will ever be done outside small libertarian echo chambers. One funny anecdote I read recently on another site about these other, not good anarchists is prior to attacking some prominent alt-righter, they shouted "we don't follow the NAP!" At least some are self-identifying.