Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mexican Leftist Leader Heads to US to Challenge Trump

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
The blowback to authoritarian President Donald Trump will apparently not only be lefties emerging with support here in the US but also in Mexico.

 Mexican leftist 2018 presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorplans to visit the United States on Sunday to talk with migrants and Americans about Trump's "poisonous" rhetoric.

Lopez Obrador, who is leading in opinion polls for next year's elections, told the daily El Universal in an interview published on Thursday that Trump has shown a lack of respect for Mexico.

"This campaign -- because it is very poisonous -- of xenophobia, of causing hate, must be confronted," said the two-time presidential election runner-up.

"We, Mexicans, are being persecuted. It's all a political strategy so I will go to the United States precisely because of this," said Lopez Obrador, who is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

The leader of the National Regeneration Movement, Obrador led conservative politician Margarita Zavala and Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, of the ruling party, in an election poll published by the daily Reforma late last year.

The current Mexican president, Pena Nieto, is constitutionally barred from running for re-election.

Not much of any kind of positive signs for libertarians here.


(via AFP)


  1. One thing is clear: Mexico considers the return of 30 million of its brown and Indio citizens to Mexico to be a dire threat.

  2. Best strategy (currently) would be for Zavala and Chong to focus on domestic policy and attempt to frame Obrador as being more focused on feelings over policy. Zavala would also be wise to show that she would take drug policy in a different direction in order to distance herself from her ex husband.

  3. "The current Mexican president, Pena Nieto, is constitutionally barred from running for re-election.

    Not much of any kind of positive signs for libertarians here."

    But hey, aren't Mexicans known for their libertarian society? I'm sure they understand concepts like limited government and NAP to the core. :LOL:

    The fact of the matter is that the white elites of Mexico want to kick their garbage to us so they do not have to make any fundamental changes in economic policy. They are happy with the oligarchic kakistrocracy. We have that here to as well, but at least I can still go to most stores and buy a great selection of goods and services - for now.

    Hugo here is up in age, but he seems to be one of the few civic minded businessman that want to do something for the average Mexican citizen. Too bad Mexico does not more younger men like him around.

    1. Am I a racist for observing that everyone in the Mexican government and on Mexican TV looks like a Spaniard related to Julio Iglesias

      while the 100,000 Mexican-looking people in Austin, Texas look like they are related Fernando Valenzuela?

      Is it just me?

  4. Obrador complaining that the expulsion of illegals is persecution, is like burglars complaining that homeowners call the police.

    1. Principled libertarians don't call the police because it is a state intervention like a border wall.

  5. So at least he admits Mexicans see themselves as Mexicans before they do Americans

  6. Don't forget that the migrant worker leader of the 60's and 70's, Ceaser Chavez, was no fan of illegal immigration.