Thursday, February 16, 2017

Melania Trump is Miserable with How Her Life Has Ended Up

So says the New York Post:
Melania Trump is secretly miserable as first lady, a new report claims.

Private, self-conscious, and smarting from some harsh, even mocking press, Melania is “struggling with the realities of her new role and the scrutiny that comes with it,” US Weekly says in its Feb. 27 cover story, citing family sources.

“This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s,” a Trump family friend, stylist Phillip Bloch, told the magazine.

“Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.”

Since Inauguration Day, Melania has spent almost all her time hiding inside the “gilded cage” of the family’s lavish, $100 million Trump Tower penthouse on Fifth Avenue — where treasured son Barron, 10, has a whole floor to himself....

Recently, the White House team begged her to come to Washington and give her husband a PR boost by presiding over the traditional first lady tours at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — and posing for press photos, sources told US.

“She was told, ‘All you need to do is show up on one day and take photos,’” one family source said. Melania declined...

With pickets surrounding her building, she’s even given up her chauffeured trips escorting Barron to and from his private school.

“Melania has the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him,” claimed one family friend not quoted by name.

After school, they both stay in, with Barron doing his homework and watching cartoons, US said....

She’s happiest at Mar-a-Lago, the Trump estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where she joins her husband on most weekends.

But while she did entertain Akie Abe in Florida — smilingly posing for the requisite photo op at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in nearby Delray Beach — it was a struggle.

“Don’t let her smile [in the photographs] fool you,” the source said. “She hates this.”

The source added, “Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up.

“She is miserable.


  1. For the first time in my lifetime, I feel the "first lady" is a decent person. Interesting that she may abhor all that comes with that role. Maybe that why I sense she's decent.

    1. Good point. If she hates the role that's a plus for her!

  2. Poor girl. Marrying a billionaire, being blessed with beauty and becoming the wife to the most powerful man in the world.
    Are we sure they aren't talking about Claire Underwood from House of Cards? (aside from the billionaire)

  3. She looks very uncomfortable when she's in public, so I tend to believe this.

  4. meh... i don't believe it. I'm sure she like everyone has good and bad days. The media is shit for stirring up trouble.