Saturday, February 4, 2017

Marine Le Pen: There was no invasion of Crimea

The French nationalist presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, speaks truth about Crimea.

She told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Crimea has always been Russian and that the sanctions against the country are completely stupid.

In other words, she is very good on Russia.



  1. Someone once did a study which found that Charley Rose "interviewing" spent like 75% of the interview spewing bullshit rather than having the guest expound.
    I think Amanpour has him beat.

  2. I love Le Pen artfully throwing it back at her when she says you can't be Democratic only when it suits us. The Crimea HAS always been Russian. The US being completely ignorant of history notwithstanding. If you understand the context of the Ukraine and how the US deep-state has overthrown the government there, not once, but twice, Amanpour just appears as an Operation Mockingbird mouthpiece.

    Look at how NATO is surrounding Russia. If the Warsaw pact still existed and Russia was putting nuclear weapons in Cuba, we'd ... oh wait, that was so 40 years ago!