Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Late Night Trump Tweet: He Claims Iran is 'Taking Over' Iraq

Not good. Please keep in mind that Trump is surrounded by advisers with military backgrounds who hate Iran. This si not going to turn out well.



  1. If anyone thinks Trump's victory was a win for "alternative media," you've been played
    for a fool. The truth is, alternative right media is now centralized just like the MSM and now serves as a useful idiot for Netanyahu's next war he is roping the U.S. into.

    1. And not only that, but I don't trust 'alternative media' any more than MSM. Does anyone really think Infowars or Breitbart don't lie whenever they get a chance to support their own agendas? They're nothing but filthy liars same as the MSM is.

  2. I think the libertarian response would be - "who cares?" Does it affect me if Iran 'takes over' Iraq?

  3. You heard it here. Trump will NOT go to war with Iran. This is all for show and redmeat for the AIPAC cartel. He knows US/Russia/Iran alliance is the only way to stop the west's suicide.