Thursday, February 16, 2017

Judge Napolitano on the Intelligence Community Attack onDonald Trump

Judge Napolitano in the clip below does a great job of explaining the intelligence community attack on President Trump.

But note well, this is a battle inside the Deep State. The Judge correctly notes that ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn was previously head of military intelligence.

This is not a battle between war hawks and peace doves. It is a battle between two groups that want to execute war their own way. The CIA and company want to use proxies. The military wants direct combat by introducing US combat forces on the ground in hot spots.

Trump will likely be announcing within weeks that US combat forces will be heading to Syria and he wall also send reinforcements to Afghanistan. That was Flynn's plan, it continues to be Trump's plan.

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  1. Did the judge describe Flynn as "good" a "patriot"? Odd.