Monday, February 27, 2017

Jesse Ventura Pulls Support for Trump

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura slammed President Donald Trump over the weekend for disregarding campaign promises to be a ‘man of the people’ — and that he “is following in the footsteps of every president that came before him: he thinks the Government knows what is best for us.”

In a Facebook post, he wrote:
I thought Donald Trump ran his campaign as ‘a man of the people.’ Someone who vowed to end the corporate takeover of our government, someone who vowed to bring jobs back.Even thinking about reversing state law and making legalized recreational marijuana illegal is going against the people’s will. This is going against job creation and a reliable part of a state’s economy. The citizens of these states VOTED to make recreational marijuana legal. It wasn’t the politicians, it was WE THE PEOPLE. Obviously President Trump is following in the footsteps of every president that came before him: he thinks the Government knows what is best for us.
He's been president for a little over a month, and he's already forgotten that "We the People” are the Government! AND he's planning on reinstating private prisons? Let's connect the dots: Private prisons need to be 80 - 90% full to be profitable. If they aren't, then states pay a fine. Non-violent drug offenders make it possible for private prisons to be full. Reverse legalized recreational marijuana, and private prisons will remain full. That's his plan, people.
And this occurred before Trump announced his 10% increase in the military budget.

Further, Ventura isn't even a libertarian. When are the libertarian Trump supporters going to pull support for the authoritarian?


HT Chris Rossini

Sources: Facebook. Free Thought Project


  1. The most disrespected man in American politics. That scumcicle Garrison Keillor belittled Jesse because of his "bohunk" accent. Well, shit, Garrison, REAL Minnesotans don't talk like a Harvard don like you do, you metro - fascist.
    Ventura talks like a real Minnesota guy. And he's pretty smart.

  2. Glad he’s pulled his support, but someone who’s been living in Mexico for years, moving around so drones can't find him, should never have been on board.

  3. The myth that never dies: "We the People" are the Government.

  4. The Libertarian Party went from the party of principle to the party of weed and anal sex.