Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Immigration Authorities Arrested 680 People in Raids Last Week

Immigration authorities last week arrested 680 people who were in the United States illegally, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said in a statement, reports The Washington Post

More from WaPo (my bold):
DHS, which overseas U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said Monday that approximately 75 percent of those arrested were “criminal aliens,” including some who had been convicted of crimes such as homicide, sexual assault of a minor and drug trafficking.

Asked to provide further clarification, a DHS official confirmed that the term “criminal aliens” includes anyone who had entered the United States illegally or overstayed or violated the terms of a visa. There are an estimated 11 million people in the United States who fit that profile.
Under the guise of deporting "criminals," the sneaky street hustling president has given the DHS a license to go aggressively after every undocumented living in the United States, including hardworking, God-fearing undocumented who have never violated NAP in their life nor taken a welfare payment.

It is very difficult to see how libertarian Trump fanboys can support this activity.



  1. Check the Obama administration's deportation numbers. This is more or less continuation of previous policy. What's new is the media waking up after 8 years to report on these activities.

  2. 680 down, 10999320 to go. Gotta be some seriously low hanging fruit, i.e. decent folks.

  3. Manuel, our landscaping expert told me the other day he walked for a week through the Sonoran Desert of Arizona to reach Phoenix in 1975. We swapped stories about our personal experiences with corrupt governments in both countries and came to the conclusion the United States is better at hiding it's venality.

    Manuel told me that he has sent money back to his father every week for 40-years, and he now owns two ranches with several hundred head of cattle. He and his brother Alfredo both own rental properties in Phoenix and have a great reputation in the area where we live. Working for the Royal Palms resort didn't hurt.

    Manuel and Alfredo became citizens of the United States four years ago, and replaced an erratic white male who was a natural born citizen.

  4. All laws are selectively enforced and its the low level government employees that have the ultimate selection power. This is no different and hence makes a teachable moment that libertarians can take advantage of.

    At the rate they are going provided no new aliens enter the USA it will take them over 311 years to clear them out. So there is going to be considerable selection going on. That selection can take many forms driven by various motivations from the least effort on up to personal grudges and beyond.

  5. Import the 3rd world, get the 3rd world.

  6. So in order to be a libertarian you need to favor open borders and non-white immigration?

    If the 65 Immigration Act was never passed would libertarians be pushing for it now?

    Deport libertarians.

  7. Now they are 'god fearing' and never took a welfare dollar, Wenzel?

    Keep in mind that as almost of them are low wage migrants (legal or illegal), their very presence is subsidized by the US taxpayer, mostly white Americans, who get no benefit from this at all.

  8. "... who get no benefit from this at all."

    If they are "low wage" migrants then that means someone is paying them that wage. Those Americans paying this wage must be benefiting from their labor services otherwise why would they pay them? And consumers of the products produced with low wage labor likely pay less than they otherwise would if the producers paid higher wages, so maybe these consumers are benefiting too. And to the extent these migrants eat, rent, buy clothes, etc., then those selling to them must benefit from their purchases. Gosh, it's almost like these low wage migrants are real economic actors in the marketplace.

    And to the extent any of them receive government benefits, that's not unique to them. So do many Americans.