Friday, February 10, 2017

ICE Immigrant Raids Escalate; Fear Spreads

The Washington Post reports:
The panicked emails and phone calls began streaming in from community members at about 11 a.m. Thursday morning, inundating Los Angeles immigration lawyers with far more cases than usual. Immigrant advocate groups claim that more than 100 people had been taken into custody by federal immigration officials in Southern California Thursday, indicating a “coordinated sweep” in arrests and heightening fears that Donald Trump’s promise to crackdown on deportations had begun to take effect.

Police and immigration officials denied the “raids” and disputed the claim that the arrests were part of a more stringent approach, saying any detentions were simply part of “routine” enforcement activities. But a flurry of calls regarding arrests spurred immigration attorneys into rapid response efforts, and prompted protests on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

“We know the daily patterns of people being picked up and taken,” Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, or CHIRLA, said in an interview with The Washington Post. “There’s a natural flow of enforcement that happens every day. But this was not normal.”

According to Salas, the “raids” were taking place in Van Nuys, San Bernardino, Downey, Santa Paula and Oxnard. Immigration attorneys went to the downtown Los Angeles detention and removal facility Thursday afternoon and saw five white vans and one bus filled with people leave the premises. When an attorney asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement for information about clients who were detained, an ICE officer said more information was needed to identify the individuals, because more than 100 people were currently detained in the facility, Salas said. Usually only one or two people are detained in the center on a given day, Salas added.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California tweeted “URGENT: ICE conducted multiple raids of homes across the city.”
And Drudge is featuring these headlines:
 Fear spreads in L.A. after immigration 'raid' described as routine...
Protests erupt on streets...
ICE Sweeps Spiking...
Arrest at fun park led to AZ woman's deportation...
Trump is a sneaky, street hustler, has he figured out a way to scare illegals out of the country? Expect raids to intensify. I also wouldn't be surprised to see the confiscation of assets held in the U.S. by illegals.

This is not the way NAP works.



  1. Yes, the NAP means that you can't remove hostile foreigners ever.

    1. Why do you classify these foreigners as "hostile"? Per the NAP, until a person has initiated force against another's body or legitimate property, he has done nothing wrong. If a person does commit these wrongs then it is perfectly consistent with the NAP for the injured party to take action against the violator. But here there is no alleged violation, and the injured party can never be the state since the state cannot legitimately own property.

  2. "This is not the way NAP works."

    Yes, and letting them all in under Obama and then if Hildebeast would have worked out real well, right? I'm sure all those 'turd world' immigrants understand NAP.

    I talked to friend of friend who used to work as lawyer in a federal court. It pained them to have to obey Obama's asinine EO's giving these people a break. Some were becoming a problem and violating other's right to the NAP. But let us not talk about that here at RW's blog.