Thursday, February 9, 2017

"I think people better wake up to the fact that Trump is not who people that voted for him think he is."

Jack Perry writes:

Well, word’s out that Trump supports civil asset forfeiture without a conviction. So was the current at a meeting he had with various sheriff-type critters who are hoping for more latitude in state-sponsored theft. I’ve seen these cops in progress on I-40 here in Arizona. DPS sees an out-of-state plate and finds a “reason” to pull over the vehicle. Which they then search and confiscate any cash over a couple grand or so that the owner has no proof of. So, in other words, the owner hasn’t got a chain-of-custody for the cash. This is McBig McBucks because the cops of that department get to keep a percentage after the rest is kicked back up to the top.

Trump believes what the cops are telling him. These are “bad guys” who deserve to lose the cash. Excuse me, but what then was the reason the 4th Amendment was written? And who defines “bad guys”? I think people better wake up to the fact that Trump is not who people that voted for him think he is. This is a very authoritarian leader, to say the least. Central government? More like Central Central Government.

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  1. Good luck with that one, Perry should already know that conservatives already dismiss the 4th Amendment as "part of the liberal coddling of criminals". Does he seriously think they'll wake up now all of a sudden? They'll act like Obama's zombies and just chant MAGA. However it will certainly be poetic justice when right wing bootlicks get their rights violated by their precious heroes. Just like when liberals got screwed over medically because of Obamacare, they lick the boot, now enjoy it good and hard

  2. I don't think that Trump said that he is against civil asset forfeiture during the campaign.

    Obviously CAF is terrible. You could make a list of things in which Trump is just plain wrong, along with CAF. His attitude towards Manning and Snowden. His sabre rattling with Iran. His fanatical support of Israel to the detriment of US security. His statements like "take the oil". The trajectory of US actions in Yemen which is leading to a clash with Houthi tribesmen on behalf of the evil Saudis.

    So you have a whole gamut of issues right there that are problems with Trump. The thing is that all of these things would be the case with Clinton or any other mainstream candidate, and even worse. War with Iran is my redline for any president, so if he does that he is dead to me.

  3. This is exactly who people who voted for Trump think he is. We got civil asset forfeiture because people trust government only to use laws against those bad people over there. This has not changed. Trump has the mentality of the man on the street here.

    Also civil asset forfeiture has been bi-partisan for a long time. It's not like HRC would shut it down and the trivial doing somethings of the Obama administration were only to appease public anger at using it against not bad people.