Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Homeland Security Chief Tells Congress that Trump’s Travel Ban May Get Longer and Tougher...

and it appears Trump is going to use the travel ban as cover to expand all kinds of statist surveillance.

The Daily Beast reports (my bold):
Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told Congress on Tuesday that “extreme vetting” of immigrants may not be temporary and may get more extreme.
Kelly said new vetting standards under consideration include asking people to hand over their social media passwords—and deny them entry if they refuse.
“How’re you living, who’s sending you money, what websites you visit—anything we can do to get a handle on who these people are,” Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee.
Kelly also spoke about a recent meeting with the CEO of IBM, saying he plans for DHS to use analysis of big data and social media at the border, in vetting of refugee and visa applicants, and in other national security missions...


  1. A ban on US invasions would be better instead.

  2. Trade policy, Trump is clueless. Authoritarian bent is Trump, through and through, as you've ably noted.

    What's in this article, however, I've no problem with.

    Have you watched the Milo lecture from MSU, RW? He titled it "Reclaiming Constantinople." In it he quotes many stats re: Muslims. Just from those stats I can't help but wonder re: the compatibility of that faith with any free society. Measures like those listed here seem reasonable in light of numbers and data like that.

    Keep up the good work of highlighting Trumps forays into authoritarianism.