Friday, February 17, 2017

Does Donald Trump Have Neurosyphilis?

The New Republic is pushing a Trump neurosyphilis story. I was emailed this from their PR agency:
In a new piece for the New Republic, Dr. Steven Beutler, a physician with over 30 years practicing medicine, specializing in infectious diseases, lays out a potential medical theory for Donald Trump's bizarre behavior: neurosyphilis.

Neurosyphilis, which results from untreated syphilis, manifests itself 10-30 years after initial infection and causes "irritability, loss of ability to concentrate, delusional thinking, and grandiosity."

Additionally, "memory, insight, and judgment can become impaired. Insomnia may occur. Visual problems may develop, including the inability of pupils to react to the light. This, along other ocular pathology, can result in photophobia, dimming of vision, and squinting."

Beutler argues, "all of these things have been observed in Trump."

He also notes, "If indeed Trump has neurosyphilis, he’d be in famous company. Al Capone had it. So did composers Frederick Delius and Franz Schubert. Many others were suspected of having it, including Hitler, Mussolini, and Ivan the Terrible."

Read the full piece here:

File under:  I have no idea, but I reported on Hillary's many alleged illnesses.



  1. yeah, i highly doubt it. a man with millions upon millions never got a simple drug that costs almost nothing to treat it? i doubt it.

  2. That is probably it. He is a billionaire with a personal doctor who is suffering from a completely curable disease! Maybe he is allergic to penicillin or afraid of needles or something. These Trump stories are getting dumber by the day.

  3. OMG! I checked my symptoms and I've got it too!!!

  4. The doctor needs to show that Trump's behavior changed at some point. Is there any proof he never was like this?

  5. Are we expected to believe that Trump is insane or that his behavior is "bizarre" just because some guy says so?

    Filed under dumbest thing said about Trump today so far.