Friday, February 3, 2017

BREAKING More Than 100,000 Visas Have Been Revoked Since Trump's Travel Ban

In a Virginia court, government lawyers have just revealed that more than 100,000 visa have been revoked.

The number came in response to a question from the presiding judge about how many people have been affected by the order.

(via CNN)


  1. I know were in a digital age, but that's a lot of visas to revoke in a week. Is this a real data point (100,000 visas revoked in the computer db) from INS, or did someone pull this out of the air for dramatic effect in the press?

    1. Look at the source. Fake news central.

  2. How does the average American benefit from having 100,000 Yemenis arrive?

  3. I am shocked that over 100,000 visas were granted to people from 7 countries, 6 or which are war zones.