Thursday, February 2, 2017

“Being a UCLA Student is Fun . . .

By Thomas DiLorenzo

. . . but being a UC-Berkeley student is a riot.”  So said proud UCLA alum David Gordon at a California Mises Circle conference a few years ago, recalling a slogan from his youth.  It seems a hundred times more relevant today.

Not that we need any more proof, but what the Berkeley riots, sanctioned by the university administration in its tepid response to them proves once again, is that all the PC crap about “safe rooms,” “inclusion,” “trigger warnings,” “sensitivity,” “diversity,” etc. is about one thing and one thing only: censoring all non-Marxist ideas and never letting college students know of their existence. Even if it means setting the campus on fire and pepper-spraying conservative or libertarian students right in the face as their “reward” for seeking diversity of opinion on campus.

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