Monday, February 6, 2017

Am I "Hillary's Bitch"?

Unknown has responded to my post, On My "Nauseating and Silly" Use of the Term "Trump Fanboys".

He writes:
You stated on a post on your blog that you wanted Hillary to win! So from now on I will refer to you as "Hillary's BITCH" unless you stop with the Fanboy CRAP!
This is a perfect example of Trump Fanboy delusion/distortion. Although I did say and write that I thought Hillary would be slightly better than Trump as president. I also made it clear that she would be horrific and I was supporting neither.

As a matter of fact, I made the point clear by forming, Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein.

That post included a response to Walter Block, who formed Libertarians for Trump, where I stated:
I do not see a significant difference between Trump and Clinton when it comes to war. They may bomb different places for different reasons but they are both bombardiers. 
Johnson is a two-man (Weld) libertarian distortion machine. Stein is a Marxist.
The only edge for libertarians is to attack all these people.

I, for sure, am not going to get blood on my hands by supporting either Clinton or Trump.

To make things clear. If you had started "Libertarians for Clinton" I would still be giving you a hard time.
Trump fanboys are simply in a world of delusion. It was not difficult for me to state that Hillary might possibly be slightly better than Trump as president because I qualified the statement many ways.

The problem with Libertarian Trump Fanboys is that they ignore any non-libertarian positions of Trump as though he is the second coming of Lysander Spooner, and distort other Trump positions.

Further, they mislead with statements about Trump. Trump has said NATO is antiquated but this is not because he wants to abolish it as many Trump Fanboys have stated. He wants to reorganize NATO so that it focuses on fighting ISIS.

Trump does not want to Empire build, but this does not mean he doesn't want to get into foreign battles as many Trump Fanboys have stated. He wants to get into foreign battles for other reasons.

If Hillary were President instead of Trump, I would be attacking her as aggressively as I am attacking Trump. The only difference would be that there wouldn't be any Hillary adulators in the libertarian camp the way Trump adulators popped up like mushrooms after the Trump entered and then won the presidential race.

For the record:
During the first three days of President Donald Trump’s administration, coalition military forces conducted a total of 99 airstrikes targeting terrorists in Syria and Iraq. The bombing missions signaled the new president’s intention to fulfill a campaign promise to eradicate ISIS.
On Jan. 20 — the day Trump was sworn into office — the coalition carried out 26 strikes, according to a press release from U.S. Central Command. On Jan. 21 and Jan. 22, the coalition oversaw 31 and 42 strikes, respectively. The airstrikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, which Central Command describes as “the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, and the wider international community.”
And this from Central Command:
  On Feb. 2, Coalition military forces conducted 41 strikes consisting of 64 engagements against ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
There are many more of these reports.



  1. RW called me a Trump fanboy too, however in fact I am only and always a Ron Paul fanboy.

    I wonder what Lysander Spooner would have named his essay on TPP?

    For the record, I don't like Trump dropping drone bombs like he's that steak chef with salt in his fingers, however this is a continuation of US foreign policy. It's not new. It's not defendable, but it's not a new intrusion. I hope he gets it right with time.

  2. It would be more helpful if you could point out the contradictions of individual "Trump fanboys" rather than conflating what 'fanboy A' said about one issue with what 'fanboy B' said about another.

    One thing is clear, you are treating Trump differently than you do other politicians. I don't know why you should think that we should be shocked that the president is a statist. It's a job requirement.

    1. Differently? No he is held to the same libertarian standard. Some politicians need more attention, like Rand Paul and DJT, because they are more effective in leading libertarians in the wrong direction. Thus more warning and criticism is required.

  3. Who the hell is "Unknown"? And why does he need to be responded to so publicly?

    That was a lame ad hominem comeback he had. Hope he can do better this time.

  4. I think Milo would like to be Donald's bitch. Or is he already?