Tuesday, January 3, 2017

VIDEO Tucker Carlson Dumbfounded by College Student’s Call for ‘Flipping Cars’ to Protest Trump

(via The Wrap)


  1. Funny. The student asks how can he get an official in power to listen to him. Hello! You can't! That's the problem with State power. Sure, you can protest by damaging other powerless people's property and perhaps gain some attention, but the people in power don't really care.

    1. Bingo, now who can plant that thought in his head?

  2. Very well said, Alan. I hope that student reads what you wrote.

  3. What a handsome moron. This kind of illiberal bullshit is the new normal for Democratic operatives. All dissent must be stopped, and anyone who dissents must be silenced, and if that requires violence then so be it. Disgusting.

  4. I hope those students do it, if it means Trump will then take a big broom and sweep the radical leftism out of the U.S. university system. You can do this simply by cutting off state funding.