Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's OMB Pick is Turning Out to Be Horrific on Pretty Much Everything

He wants cuts in Social Security benefits (which should be the last place government should cut) but he is in favor of increases in military spending and says his previous pledge to not raise taxes applied to his service in Congress, not his future job at OMB.

Read more about the details of this horrific statist here.


  1. While increasing taxes and military spending are indeed horrific, it's bizarre that you assert SS benefits are "the last place government should cut." Since SS is one of the most monstrous federal programs and takes up almost 50% of the "mandatory" spending of the yearly budget -- not to mention the unfunded liabilities, why would that be the last place you'd cut? Are you just for tinkering around the edges of the budget? SS and medicare are the two places most politically difficult budget items to cut, yet they are the two programs most in need of slashing.

    SS and medicare should be means-tested immediately, and phased out entirely -- with no replacement.

    1. I know from personal experience in Veterans for Peace, which includes people from across the political spectrum, that there are profound disagreements on domestic policies like SS but we would together in the War for Peace.