Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Tries to Negotiate a Truce With the CIA

President Donald Trump visited the CIA headquarters in Langley today.

Addressing about 400 CIA employees, he told the group that no one feels stronger about the intelligence community than he does and that ISIS must be eliminated.

ISIS eliminated? Prepare for troops on the ground, who knows where.

Here are Trump's full remarks at the CIA.




  1. Read Professor Robert Pape, please, CIA. Though I suspect these maniacs have and use it as advice on how to increase terrorism rather than virtually eliminate the easiest and cheapest way: stopping the wars.

  2. I'm hoping as I have read that this is classic Trump in trying to charm the C.I.A. with his usual rhetoric but still laying down the the law on chain of command, rules of the road and new mission.

  3. He's rallying the troops to have support when he purges the political and neocon appointees.

  4. It means that Trump is telling the CIA that there won't be CIA support for terrorist groups anymore.

  5. Trump has no issue with the rank and file folks and they know it. His issue is with the old guard leadership. Trump will prevail in making peace with little effort.