Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Going After the Undocumented

Note well: "Aggressively pursue interior enforcement."

This has nothing to do with libertarianism. Undocumenteds should have no access to welfare or other government services but if they are hard working people and someone wants to hire them and someone is willing to rent to them, how is this a problem from a libertarian perspective?



  1. This is very relevant to libertarianism. In fact it is one of the most interesting and cutting-edge debates in the libertarian intellectual space.

    The answer to your last question is that "these people" have no right to enter anyone's property, without an invitation, in a private property society. So why do they get to enter "public spaces" and use public resources (welfare, roads, whatever)? I don't mean that as a rhetorical question, but a genuine one.

    Much as been written on the fundamental question - how to treat public property and the exclusions of persons from it.

    Great libertarians Hoppe and Block take opposite positions on this issue. So I cannot agree this has "nothing to do with libertarianism".

  2. Indeed Perry so where does genuine property rights begin and how does it blur into public use based on usage that is based on access derived from illegality?

  3. Shegottawideload,

    It's a lot to unpack. That's why you have leading scholars taking different positions. If I had all the answers, I'd publish my own book. But I don't.

    Start with this: