Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Son in the Middle of the Intelligence War With Trump Provides a Peek at What Is Really Going On

Michael Flynn Jr is the son of Donald Trump's national security adviser, retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Flynn senior is the closest intelligence adviser to Trump. He was formerly the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He doesn't trust the CIA and the CIA doesn't trust him.

His son has a put out a tweet that links to a story by Thierry Meyssan titled: General Flynn’s Proposals to Reform Intelligence

This is where we learn what the intelligence community attack on Trump is really all about. It is self-defense from a Flynn reform plan that will rip the current intelligence community apart.

The story reports:
General Michael T. Flynn, the next US National Security adviser is in the process of organizing a radical overhaul of the Intelligence Services.

According to our sources, he is getting ready to challenge the big reforms that took place during the Bush and Obama years..


Michael T. Flynn was so disappointed with how the new CIA was working that he tried – in vain - to set up a service within the Defense Department to compensate for its shortcomings: the Clandestine Defense Service...


The nomination of Mike Pompeo as the next director of the CIA would have been conditional upon him agreeing to override the reforms brought into being under President Bush and Obama. Despite his extreme declarations – in favour of secret prisons and against the shi-ites - the Kansas representative and the former captain of the calvary, should behave like an obedient soldier.

The current director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper announced that his role would end with President Obama. Thus his post should disappear.

The 16 agencies should no longer be accountable to the National Intelligence Director but only to the National Security Adviser. In other words, they will be accountable to General Flynn personally.
Remember, this report was tweeted out by Flynn's son. It is the real deal. Flynn is going to rip apart the current intelligence agencies---not to shrink intelligence activities but to put it more in line with his military thinking on intelligence.

This is not a shrinking of government. It is only a severe shift in intelligence command and control into the hands of Flynn. Since Flynn is very suspicious of Russia, China and Iran, it is not a move toward a more secure world.

It is a new madman in charge.



  1. The Intelligence community is divided. Some are loyal to the military and some are loyal to the State dept. Those loyal to the State dept are largely pay for play actors that result in deals like the Ukrainian pipeline that lines the pockets of VP Biden's son. The deals you read about in "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins are the type held in contempt by the military intelligence community. The military intelligence community resents carrying the water for the rich elites and spilling their blood for the profit of the highest bidder. This is what was behind Obama's purge of generals and replacing them with stooges. Flynn represents the faction of the military that resents social experimentation like this

    While not at all "pure" reform, this does represent the boiling pot of frogs getting cooler and we should be glad for that. This is part of the reason Justin Raimondo is optimistic.

    1. ^^^I suspect this is very accurate, and much of the reason so many in the establishment have resisted Trump so aggressively. He's no libertarian, but my experience with military folks and their opposition to wars suggests Flynn might calculate cost and benefit a little bit differently than civilians in the CIA.

    2. I guess we can hope. That's about all we can do. Sigh...

    3. The SJWs are opening siding with the old CIA, Obama's support of ISIS, Obama and Hillary being mass murdering war criminals and against any informed "progressive" who has been following foreign affairs and speaks up against the obvious. That has to be worth something.

    4. The SJWs are OPENLY siding with the old CIA......

  2. So anytime Trump reverses a statist action, it's bad. Ah huh. I guess these problems are just going to fix themselves.

    Taking the drone bombers out of CIA control is one of the best things that I can think of.

  3. This long piece by DAVID CHIBO follows this outline. Any obvious errors here?