Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Inner Turmoil of Melania Trump?

This tweet with attached gif is going viral.

Slate has even done what it calls a "detailed forensic" smile to frown analysis of the clip, suggesting it may reveal the "inner turmoil" of Melania.



  1. He told her that she was in the line of fire and to discretely rotate around to the other side just in case John Brennan's loyalists choose that moment to pull the trigger. Trump has got to be incredibly brave to do any outdoor events other than ones with no advanced notice when he slips the press pool.

  2. Sounds like nonsense, but of course all the people who had no problem making fun of Michelle Obama will feign outrage that people are going after Ivanka and Melania. Hypocrites one and all.

  3. Lots of people saying the GIF is reversed

    1. Lots of people are grasping at straws. In reverse, Melania is frowning, then smiling, and then Trumps turns back to look at her. Not completely impossible, but not very likely either.

  4. Donald Trump divorced his first two wives under deeply veiled circumstances, and when Melania married Donald Trump she must have felt that she had grabbed the ultimate brass ring, But from the very beginning of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign she seemed to be a very reluctant participant in Donald's ego driven quest.

    What I saw in that firtive frown that Melania Trump exhibited at the inauguration was a deeply conflicted human being who honestly wants no part of her husbands latest gambit. I get the sense that she is under tremendous pressure to perform as a model against her will in a corrupt farce that she knows is a betrayal of the American people.

    I can only image what she has overheard in private, and Melania is shrewd enough to know that she wants no part of Washington. Melanie appears to love her son Barron far more than she respects the Trump "family."

  5. Trump is not a Christian, Milenia is. This was during the prayer ceremony.

    What would cause Milenia to frown, Ivanka to lose some of her smile, but not cause Jared to stop smiling at all?

    And what did she mouth? To me it looked like "Prick".

    So much for their psychological analysis. Its pretty obvious what occurred. Jared thought whatever Trump said was funny, Ivanka was slightly annoyed, and Milenia didn't like it at all. Everyone else sees too much into it and think its revealing some deep husband v wife domestic problem just like they have.

    IMO. (Best guess).