Friday, January 20, 2017

The Deep State and the 2016 Election

This is it gang. It is an hour long but very much in line with my thinking as to what is really going on. I am in sync with about 95% of this analysis. Very much worth finding the time to listen to.

It has been the military versus the intelligent agencies and the military is in charge.

The one difference I have from the view here is that I expect some military actions by Trump. Trump may close some bases but he is not rolling up the entire Empire and calling it all home. Further, Trump is no friend of Saudi Arabia.

Starts at the 8:30 mark.




  1. Maybe Trump knows that the Saudis were largely responsible for 9/11, and Saudi friend Bush helped cover up for them?

  2. Let's hope so!

    “We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past…We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments…. Our goal is stability not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country [the United States]… We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism …In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will.”

  3. This was very interesting. I hope RW follows up and discusses this more. It is one of the most cohesive theories that combines the Deep State and the Trump presidency especially in light of the Fake News meme and failing MSM.

    On a related note, can anyone recommend a reliable source/book that documents Putin's rise to power?